Alocasia Bambino Arrow

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Simply stunning, the leaves of the Alocasia Bambino Arrow are narrow with bright veins. It has a very similar appearance to Alocasia Amazonica Polly, but is smaller and is also known as the Jewel Alocasia.

This is a compact plant that is ideal for table tops and shelves. The leaf blades are typically 15-18cm long and about 5cm wide with a dark purple underside.

Care Information

Light: Thrives best in well lit, bright conditions, however direct sunlight will scorch the leaves.

Water: Keep the compost moist with warm water. Do not allow the soil to dry out. 

Temperature: Needs to be kept warm, ideally between 18-22°C.

Humidity: Needs a moist environment with above average humidity. Stand on a pebble tray to improve humidity and mist frequently. Pop it in the shower for a while to give it an occasional boost.

Height and Growth Rate: Can reach 40 cm. Alocasia are fast growing in the right conditions.

These plants are harmful if eaten end and are a skin and eye irritant. Keep out of reach of children and animals.